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Meet Our Kingston Team 

The S2BN group at Queen's University works collaboratively to host events for graduate students looking to enhance their skillset and prepare themselves for the workforce after completing their graduate studies.

Contact the Queen's S2BN Chapter at:

I am a second-year PhD candidate at Queen's University. My research focuses on prophylactic cancer vaccines and the interactions between cancer cells and the immune system. I want to help promote translational research and develop greater public understanding and awareness towards the research being conducted at Queen's and other universities.



PhD Candidate

Kyle Seaver

I am a second year Master’s student at Queen’s University. My research is focused on investigating immune responses from innate immune cells following viral infection. I am excited to have the opportunity to apply my current skillset and connect with professionals in industry.



MSc Candidate

Natalya Odoardi

I am a first year Ph.D student at Queen’s University. My research focuses on developing and optimizing a multimodal therapy for the treatment of pancreatic cancer through repurposing drugs as anti-cancer agents. I am looking forward to being part of a team that is promoting the idea of translational research and collaboration whilst providing graduate students in science with an opportunity to expand their skill set and career options.


AIM Conference Director

PhD Candidate

Bessi Qorri

Matteo Zago-Schmit

MSc Candidate



I am a second-year MSc candidate at Queen's University. 

Trent Holmes

PhD Candidate

Logistics Director


I am a first-year PhD student studying developmental toxicology and pharmacology. With my background in biochemistry I look at the mechanistic effects of in utero initiated leukemias following benzene exposure. I know that the transition to industry can be intimidating, and I want to help others #bridgethegap while further developing my own skills.

Matthew Cormier

MSc Candidate

Communications Director


I am a second year Master's student researching the link between the microbiome and hemophilia A. I joined S2BN after realizing that graduate students were typically unsupported in their professional development and that this group was providing support to help bolster their abilities and confidence for when they exit their studies and enter the workforce. I am excited to learn many lasting skills and to help my fellow graduate students achieve their career goals!

I am a first-year MEng candidate at Queen's University. 

Social Media Manager

MEng Candidate

Uchitta Vashist

I am a second year Master’s student in the Centre for Neuroscience studying the modulatory effects of neurotransmission on enteric neurogenesis. I am excited to be apart of a team that helps fellow students make the difficult transition from academia to industry, while also developing important skills necessary to pursue a career in medical research.


Marketing Coordinator

MSc Candidate

Catherine Parisien

I am a third-year Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy. I work on the Super Cryogenic Dark Matter Search experiment (SuperCDMS). My research focuses on: testing germanium detectors at cryogenic temperatures, investigating the interactions of IR photons with the germanium crystal in addition to performing data analysis related to the search for Dark Matter. I find S2BN interesting as it gives the chance to improve communication skills.


Sponsorship Director

PhD Candidate

Muad Ghaith

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