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Meet Our Waterloo Team 

The S2BN team at the University of Waterloo works collaboratively to host events for pharmacy and graduate students looking to enhance their skillset and prepare themselves for the workforce after completing their graduate studies.

Contact the UoW Chapter of the S2BN at:

Kate is a passionate Doctor of Pharmacy candidate at the University of Waterloo. Prior to her studies, she completed two years of Biomedical sciences at the University of Waterloo, where she realized her great interest in science and business through various extracurricular opportunities. Her primary interest lies within the involvement of pharmacists in providing innovative solutions to ultimately improve the Canadian Health care system to be more accessible, better quality at a faster rate of service. She looks forward to fulfilling her vision in applying leadership skills, team and project management experiences to provide resources and unique opportunities to the future scientists and pharmacists to /browse expand their scope in the medical/pharmaceutical industry and narrow the knowledge gap in business related career. Kate is thrilled to introduce the collaboration of science and business to the University of Waterloo students and see the growth of S2BN within students.


PharmD Candidate

Kate Lim

Eva is a PharmD. candidate at the University of Waterloo (UW). Before Pharmacy School, she completed a Masters in Biochemistry at York University, where she characterized macromolecular interactions of chromatin-remodeling proteins. In grad school, she had the opportunity to work with both national and international leaders in the field. She quickly realized that collaboration – in the form of teamwork and networking – is essential to excel in the sciences. As Vice President of S2BN, she will help students in the core and applied sciences at UW make these crucial connections early on.

Vice President

PharmD Candidate

Eva DeRango-Adem

Anita is currently a second-year student at the School of Pharmacy. Before starting the Pharm.D program, she completed two years of Honours Science at the University of Waterloo with Conditional Admission to Pharmacy status from high school. She has over 4 years of experience working in independent pharmacies and she will be starting her first co-op placement at Canadian Compounding Pharmacy in Toronto. Anita is very interested in entrepreneurial and business opportunities in pharmacy and exploring the role pharmacists have in the pharmaceutical industry.

Junior Social & Recruitment Director

PharmD Candidate

Anita Hodor

La Na

Marketing Director

Lana is a passionate and creative PharmD Candidate at the University of Waterloo. Her enthusiasm for personal health optimization motivated her to complete her Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Toronto. With an array of experiences in advertising, medical writing, as well as community pharmacy, Lana hopes to further promote pharmacists' value and their ability to make an impactful difference in the lives of Canadians. She is excited to start her next co-op in business development and hone in on her entrepreneurial spirit. As the Marketing Director of S2BN, Lana hopes to reach as many students as possible who, like herself, wish to #bridgethegap between academia and industry.

Melissa Abraham


Melissa Abraham is a second year Pharmacy Student at the University of Waterloo. She was always interested in Business but had a deep passion for medical care and the health system. She is currently aiding in research for changing technologies in hospitals to improve patient care and staff functioning. As the Secretary, she plans to increase exposure to and visibility of roles in Business and Science for passionate and strong-willed students. She is excited about this opportunity for Pharmacy to grow with S2BN and the new heights Pharmacy students can now reach!

Nikita Mahajan

Junior Student Representative of Rx 2022

Nikita is a first year student at University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy. Prior to her studies at Waterloo, Nikita completed the honors bachelor of health science program at McMaster University. The program known as Biomedical Drug Discovery and Commercialization focused on drug discovery and development while equipping students with both research and business acumen. Through a problem-based learning method, students dove into various aspects of the commercialization process by working directly with local Hamilton startup companies, industry representatives from GSK, Apotex, Innomar, Allergen, consultants, patentability officers, and clinical researchers. Her background also includes working on various pharmaceutical related research projects such as utilizing high throughput screening to identify compounds which inhibit neuraminidase activity, a protein implicated in the dispersal of influenza virus, and investigating a role for kinase inhibitors, current cancer therapeutics, towards the treatment of type 2 diabetes and obesity induced endoplasmic reticulum stress. As a first year representative, Nikita is looking forward to being a part of a community in which science innovation and commercialization can be celebrated simultaneously. Pari Shahrezaei

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