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S2BN Meet the Team: Start Building Your Career Bridge

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A Zoom meet-and-greet with with current and former executives and Edmonton Chapter founders to learn how S2BN involvement can help expand career network and achieve career goals.

Thanks to the entire S2BN Edmonton executive team and especially the S2BN Edmonton Chapter founders Ben Kostiuk, Brittany Umer, and Farah Elawar.

Session objectives:

  • Learn about the S2BN-Edmonton Chapter

  • Better understand how S2BN can help you navigate your career

  • Discover the benefits of networking with S2BN

Cultivating a Career in the Cannabis Industry - Meeting experts from Aurora Cannabis

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A panelist of four professionals from Aurora Cannabis networked with students after answering questions about the ins and outs of the cannabis industry during this 2 hour event.

Thanks to our knowledgable speakers: Isaac Greenwood, Senior Product Manager, SKU Team; Annaliese Kibler, MSc, Director of Regulatory Affairs; Tyler Kibler, Director of Industrial Design; Blake Power, BSc, Senior Project Manager, Industrial Design.

Session objectives:

  • Learn the current status of the cannabis industry in Canada

  • Discuss career opportunities for students from the science fields 

  • Gain insight from experts working inside the cannabis industry  

Boosting Biotech Initiatives to bring Pharmaceutical Internships and Mentorship to Alberta

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BioAlberta co-hosted this event which provided attendees an opportunity to network and learn about increasing biotech initiative to attract internships and mentorship in the pharmaceutical industry. BioAlberta is a member-driven association that represents and promotes the province's vibrant and diverse life sciences industry. Through many partnerships and collaborations, BioAlberta is dedicated to promoting Alberta's life science sectors locally, nationally and internationally.


Session objectives:

  • Learn about state of the biotechnology industry in Alberta

  • Understand the relationships being cultivated between multinational pharmaceutical companies and BioAlberta

  • Discuss mentorship opportunities available for students

The Curvy Career Path Towards Becoming a Medical Science Liaison

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This seminar event gave attendees the opportunity to learn from the experiences of speaker Dr. Eric Pesarchuck about his journey to becoming a Medical Science Liaison. Dr. Pesarchuk, a Medical Scientist with Kite, a Gilead company, is responsible for their oncology and cell therapy portfolio as a field-based Medical Affairs representative in western Canada.


The session objectives are to:

  • Learn about making the leap from academia to industry

  • Understand the role of a Medical Science Liaison in the pharmaceutical industry

  • Discuss skills and values that make candidates a good fit in this role

Coffee With: Dr. Kyle Nishiyama - The journey of Mikata Health

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Dr. Kyle Nishiyama shared a coffee with attendees of this event and discussed tips on how to successfully launch your start-up in Alberta. Dr. Nishiyama is co-founder of Mikata Health, a successful digital health start-up that uses artificial intelligence to connect patients and doctors.


Session Objectives:

•Learn how to develop and launch marketable technology

•Discuss the challenges of starting a company in Alberta 

•Understanding the dynamics of working at a start-up 

Launching your Health-Technology Startup

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This was a seminar and panel discussion about how to launch a health-technology startup given by scientists that started their own companies. This event was hosted by TEC Edmonton during Edmonton Startup week. 

Tackling the Health Sciences Talent Retention Problem in Edmonton

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Innovation panel discussion and networking event centered around talent retention of health science graduates in Alberta. 



  • Antonio Bruni, PhD. Health City Edmonton

  • Colin Coros, PhD, MBA. Chief Commercialization Officer, Nanostics

  • Hubert Eng, MSc, PhD- Senior Director, Life Sciences Industries Alberta Economic Development and Trade, Government of Alberta

  • Lorne Tyrrell, MD, PhD. University of Alberta, LiKSioV, Scientific advisor KMT Hepatech

Session objectives:

  • To communicate how organizations in Alberta are addressing issues of talent retention in the life-sciences industry

  • To demonstrate that Edmonton is a dynamic city with a budding innovation ecosystem driving the health economy

  • To better understand the barriers that limit economic development and expansion of life-sciences companies in Edmonton

  • To promote networking between all relevant members of the innovation ecosystem to facilitate development

  • To lay the foundations for tangible and realistic strategies to address both talent retention and health innovation growth in Edmonton

Career Opportunities in Clinical Research: NACTRC’s role in facilitating Clinical Trials in Alberta

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Presentation by Scott Jamieson, Director of Clinical Operations, Clinical Research Unit Edmonton (CRUE) and Advisor, Quality Management in Clinical Research (QMCR) about the roles and responsibilities of NACTRC in Alberta Clinical Trial work and job opportunities for individuals looking for a career in clinical research.

Session Objectives:
• Explore job opportunities currently available at NACTRC
• Understand how CRUE and QMCR oversee clinical trial conduct in Alberta
• Learn about how NACTRC facilitates collaboration between pharmaceutical companies, government and researchers

Careers in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Demystifying Roles in Market Access

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As part of our strategy to foster the development of highly qualified personnel, the S2BN is continuing career information and networking events that highlights opportunities for science graduates in sectors outside of bench research. The objectives of this event, "Careers in the Pharmaceutical Industry- Demystifying roles in Market Access" were to:

● Understand the role of market access, drug reimbursement and medical affairs in the pharmaceutical industry.

● Explore career opportunities in this field and highlight valuable skills for trainees to have if seeking to transition into this area.

● Discuss emerging trends in the Canadian market access and reimbursement environment.

With panelists: 

Bennett Lee (BScPhm, MDiv)- Head of Market Access at Sanofi Genzyme

Kimberly Shulha (BSc)- Manager of Health Policy and Patient Access Alberta at Novartis

Christian Ouellet (MBa, AdmA)- Director of Government Affairs at Sandoz Pharmaceuticals

Nadine Vautour (BEng, MASc)- Governance Officer at the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH)

with special guest moderator, and founder of the S2BN, Dr. Bruce Seet. 

Opportunities in Canada's bio-economy

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Session Objectives:
•       Gather information about the biotechnology industry across Canada.
•       Gain knowledge of BioTalent Canada and its wage-subsidy programs, including resources available for internationally educated professionals and recent graduates.
•       Learn about jobs available for science graduates in Canada and resources to find information about the labour market, compensation, and skill requirements.

Speed Networking with Pharma

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The Science to Business Network is pleased to host a career development seminar : SpeedNetworking with Biopharmaceutical Company - Gilead, featuring five representatives from the Edmonton site of Gilead Sciences, and Patrick Steffes, owner of an analytical laboratory consultation company Fonebone Services. 

In this interactive event, undergraduates, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows will have an opportunity to enhance their career awareness in the pharmaceutical industry and build a personal relationship with experts from Gilead over small group discussions.

Each representative will have eight minutes to share their educational and career experiences with a group of 5-6 students and then will move to the next table. After the speed-networking, an additional 20 minutes of casual networking time will be provided. We encourage you to prepare questions in advance!

Designing your graduate experience to be career-ready: How to build core-competency skills to complement your scientific training.

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Nana Lee, PhD. Professor (teaching stream) of graduate professional development, University of Toronto visited the University of Alberta. 


Using Design thinking, recognize the value of the experience of your PhD training, and craft this experience to help obtain your dream job.


Learn and develop core competencies which will facilitate your growth in scientific thought, leadership and career development

Coffee and discussion with recent graduates who transitioned into Pharma Industry

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Chris Morcos (recent MSc graduate and current marketing associate at AstraZeneca), and Marianne Ngure (recent PhD graduate and current Medical Science Liaison at GSK), met with students over coffee to discuss their transition from graduate studies to industry. 

Medlior Health Outcomes Research- Insights on starting a health-sector business and a career in consulting.

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In this seminar, Tara Cowling discussed how she paved her own way in Alberta to create Medlior, a health outcomes research and consulting business. In this interactive seminar, Tara will discussed her career path from policy to industry to starting her own business, Medlior. She told attendees about Medlior and health outcomes research, and how she started, grew and maintained this successful business. Dr. Kelly Larkin-Kraiser, a consultant at Medlior, then shared her career story about how she recently transitioned from her Post-doctoral studies to a Health Outcomes Research Consultant at Medlior.

Coffee with an MSL: Jason Lee from Sanofi Pasteur

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Jason Lee is a Medical Science Liaison with Sanofi Pasteur Canada. Jason joined Sanofi in 2014 and has held multiple roles in the Medical Affairs Department. Prior to joining Sanofi, Jason held research positions at the University of Alberta's Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology and the Provincial Laboratory for Public Health in Alberta, Canada. 

Jason holds a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Immunology from the University of Alberta and a Master of Biotechnology (MBiotech) from the University of Toronto. He is also currently pursuing a doctoral degree (PhD) in Health Economics from the University of Toronto, with a doctoral thesis focused on the economics of vaccine development and immunization programs

Breakfast with Bayer

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The S2BN Edmonton team hosted representatives from Bayer Canada who shared their career paths, experiences, and what it's like to work for a large multinational firm like Bayer. 

Inights from a Career in the Global Pharmacy Industry

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A seminar that provided insights from Tamar D. Howson's career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Organized in conjunction with The Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Navigating the Life Science Job Market: Making sense of the chaos

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With Guest Glenn Lesko (Sr. Partner, Recruitment Consultant at Lock Search Group)

From Science to Business: Lessons on Communicating your Value to Industry

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As a scientist who successfully transitioned from academia to industry, Dr. Seet is a passionate advocate for the training and career development of young scientists. Please join us for the inaugural event of the S2BN in Edmonton, and learn how to successfully communicate the value of graduate studies to land a career in industry. 


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