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Meet Our Vancouver-Victoria Team 

The S2BN team in Vancouver and Victoria works collaboratively to host events for students looking to discover new career opportunities and enhance their skillset to prepare themselves for the workforce after graduation.

Contact the Vancouver-Victoria chapter of the S2BN at:

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Manideep Chowdary Pachva

PhD Candidate

I am a 4th year PhD candidate in Interdisciplinary Oncology program at the University of British Columbia. My PhD thesis focuses on abrogating the communication between the cancer cells and the cells in the sorrounding environment, to eventually stop the spread of cancer in children. Albert Einstein's “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal; not to people or things”, is something that has always made me wonder what would happen if the goal in itself was intricately tied to people, in a manner as objective as possible. Would it not mean a collective win for humanity? A symbiotic relationship where both the parties have something to gain as they grow together? 

I have always believed that leadership is all about making difference. With a motto of making a difference, I have taken up various leadership roles at UBC, including but not limited to chairman at BIG Research Day Organizing Committee and president at BIG Graduate Student Association. Now, at S2BN Vancouver-Victoria chapter, I intend to use my past leadership experience and industrial connections to host collaborative events that builds a meaningful connections between students and industry. 


“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but thrive; and to do so 

with some passion, some compassion, and most importantly with some style.” - Maya Angelou


Sponsorship Coordinator

Jennifer Luu

MSc Student

I am a third year Masters student in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. My research consists of developing a model of cellular transformation that incorporates mass spectrometry to study and screen for lung cancer. I am passionate about graduate student career development, especially in helping trainees find interesting career paths! I hope to use my experience in graduate community work and non-profit management to support S2BN’s mission of innovation in the research community.


Events Coordinator

Allyson Banville

PhD Student

I am a graduate student in the lab of Dr. Brad Nelson at the Deeley Research Centre, part of BC Cancer - Victoria. Currently, I am researching the role of tumor-infiltrating B cells (TIL-B) in ovarian cancer with the hopes of uncovering what antigens TIL-B recognize in order to discover novel targets for cancer immunotherapies. Outside of the lab, I enjoy spending time outdoors cycling, hiking, running, camping, playing ultimate frisbee, and pretty much anything else that gets me outside! I love learning and sharing knowledge, so I'm ecstatic to be part of a team dedicated to spreading awareness about career opportunities for students at the intersection of science and business and bridging the gap between these two interdependent disciplines!

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Communications Coordinator

Arushi Jaiswal

I completed my doctoral studies in cancer biology at the University of Toronto. My PhD research identified a novel treatment strategy that targets the tumour-immune crosstalk in a hard-to-treat breast cancer subtype. Apart from research, I spent time learning about several interesting career paths for graduate students. I also had multiple opportunities to connect with professionals in various fields and participate in career development activities. I hope to use these experiences to create new and improved opportunities for graduate students interested in career paths outside academia. 


Marketing Coordinator

Jay Joshi

I am a Research Assistant at Rakovina Therapeutics working out of Vancouver Prostate Centre. I completed my Masters' degree at the Deeley Research Centre (Victoria-BC). My research focused on development of a novel therapeutic treatment using radioligand therapy and immunotherapy for prostate cancer (PCa). Ever since starting my journey as a graduate student, I realized the importance of the biotech industry in research, development and accessibility of new treatments. This notion has led me to pursue an interest in industry and  I hope to help other students gain more knowledge and skills about the way to maneuver between science and business as part of S2BN.


Thank you to our sponsors


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