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Meet Our London Team 

The S2BN team at the University of Western Ontario works collaboratively to host events for graduate students looking to enhance their skillset and prepare themselves for the workforce after completing their graduate studies.

Contact the Western Chapter of the S2BN at:

I am a 3rd year PhD student in the Medical Biophysics program and my research is focused on developing new MRI techniques for imaging the fetus and placenta. The placenta in particular is very understudied and we hope that by using unconventional imaging techniques we may learn about predictors for fetal health and development. I am involved in the technical development side of this work and this leads me to be interested in how I could be able to apply my technical skills in the industry world. I got involved in S2BN because I believe it is very important for graduate students to explore a variety of careers and be exposed to opportunities outside of academia.



PhD Candidate

Lauren Smith

I am a 2nd year Master’s student in the Biomedical Engineering program. My research focuses on comparing variability of functional brain measures in different functional MRI conditions. If clinically irrelevant variability can be reduced using certain conditions, then we can use these conditions to develop more sensitive tests for abnormal brain function. I joined S2BN because I believe that graduate students need a resource to offer exposure and information about the opportunities that exist outside of academia.


Website Coordinator

M.ESc, Biomedical

Mark O'Reilly

I am just starting the 2nd year of my MSc in Medical Biophysics. I’m using MRI to study the neurological effects of hemodialysis in chronic kidney disease patients. I’m also investigating the potential neuroprotective effects of a novel intervention called remote ischemic preconditioning in these patients.  I’m passionate about the translation of new medical technologies from bench-top to bedside and the application of medical research to optimise patient outcomes. Because of this, I believe it is important to connect academia to the industrial world and that is why I joined S2BN


VP Marketing

PhD Candidate

Madeleine Dacey

I am a 3rd year PhD student in Medical Biophysics. My research investigates targeted radiation therapy for prostate cancer using multiparametric MRI. The work I have done so far has led me to develop coding and software skills as well as learn many of the different decisions that need to be made when designing radiation treatment plans. I joined S2B as I want to explore the variety of different career paths available with the goal to find the opportunity for me to best utilize the skills I have developed throughout my education.


VP Finance

PhD Candidate

Chris Smith

My research interests are in developing gene-based systems for cancer detection and therapy. Currently, I am working on gene molecules called minicircles which are inert in normal subjects, but get “turned-on” in a subject with prostate cancer and produce a biomarker protein detectable in urine. We hope that this system can not only help us identify tumour-bearing patients, but also help stratify those patients into appropriate risk-groups. Pursuing business and entrepreneurial ventures in industry is a definitely a career path I am considering post-graduation, however, I was not sure how to pursue these interests being in a science-focused program. Thus, when I learned about the desire to establish a Science 2 Business network at Western, I thought this would be a great opportunity to help graduate students, myself included, expand our knowledge of industry and build connections.


VP Internal

PhD Candidate

T.D. Wang

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