S2BN Waterloo: Exploring the Healthcare Communications and Marketing Landscape

On October 1, 2020, the S2BN Waterloo Chapter held yet another virtual event with renowned figures in the Medical Advertising and Medical Writing world. Guest speakers Vijay Sarma and Angela Chan shared their experiences working with McCann Health, and a bit about the role healthcare professionals play in all of this. Here’s a bit about our speakers and the insights they gave.

While both our speakers work for McCann Health, Vijay Sarma is the Vice President of Pharmacy Marketing and Angela Chan is a Senior Medical Writer. They strive to provide service to a wide array of clients such as Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle and so many more. Their goal is to help their clients’ medical brands play a meaningful role in patient’s and customer’s lives, and ultimately reach the patient population that would benefit from their clients’ products the most.

By creative and strategic medical writing and advertising, they have helped their clients relentlessly fight disease for over 30 years in all key therapeutic areas. Some examples include cardiology, oncology and mental health, but the list goes on and on. Their impact on our healthcare system and the products currently available to patients is priceless.

McCann Health offers unique and dynamic opportunities for students to get involved in medical writing and pharmaceutical advertising. It's a very particular skill set that is very sought after in the realm of pharmaceutics. If you missed this awesome event and want to watch it in full, the screen recorded video is available below!

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